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  JACK - Justified Automated Collections Kiosk
  JACK is bilingual, JACK works 24x7, JACK has no moods, JACK is always smiling, JACK never asks for a raise, JACK is never late to work...  
Payment Kiosk Presentation
Indoor Bill Payment Kiosk Outdoor Bill Payment Kiosk
Accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks.
Give back change
Scan and image checks and payment stubs
An indoor kiosk will save your organization at least $300,000 of paid employee time in 10 years.
An outdoor kiosk will save your organization at least $600,000 of paid employee time in 10 years.
  Indoor Utility Payments
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Billpayment Kiosk Solutions
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The ROI is way beyond just being financial.PDF
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