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Welcome to Teleasy

Headquartered in the Dallas area,
Since 2000, Teleasy has been providing E-commerce solutions in the US and now Canada too.

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Teleasy to Business

Teleasy connects with Businesses through both its Offline sales teams as well as some of its online platforms, since we understand that Businesses need that little bit extra.

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Teleasy to Consumers

Teleasy reaches out to consumers through the internet, it has a number of its own websites that cater to consumers providing an unmatched buying experience.

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Teleasy to Institutions

Teleasy has set up specially trained teams to support Institutions to be able to make their buying decisions whether they are online or offline.

About Teleasy

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Headquartered out of Dallas, Teleasy is a decade old e-commerce company that now has its presence in the US and Canada.

Teleasy was established way back in 2001, Initially it was in the business of the Manufacture and sale of kiosks, in the recent years years Teleasy has forayed into E-commerce Sales and over this period of time has grown from strength to strength. Teleasy is equipped to offer end-to-end eCommerce solutions following best practices, actionable insights and proven results.

Teleasy partners with some of the world’s leading brands and provides successful online as well as offline solutions for the brands to reach their eventual customers. All our customers are also supported by sales experts that can help alleviate any doubts or concerns that a customer might have before they have to make a buying decision. Our USP however lies in not just being a sales organization but also being committed to customer service and after sales support. We have trained teams of experts that manage product inquiries and provide resolutions within shortest possible turn around times.

11 Million Online Product impressions

300% Growth Year and Year since 2013

Inhouse Fulfillment Center

Our Services

Brand Development

Teleasy will create a lasting impression for your brand andimprove product sales and market share by giving it the individual attention it deserves.


We use multiple platforms such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and Marketplace Management to get maximum visibility for your brand.


We use cutting edge technology to ensure that though we deal with huge volumes of products quality of service is never compromised.

Customer Service

We have an in house team of trained Reps that handle customer communication and queries round the clock over the phone, email or chat ensuring 100% Satisfaction.

Contact Center

After receiving information from the Brand for its range of products Teleasy’s Team highlights the USP’s of each product depending on the making it extremely easy for customers to know the right fit for them

Supply chain & Logistics

Through our in house fulfillment centre we ensure that orders can be processed and shipped within a few hours.

Sales Force Automation

By using CRM’s and other allied tools we have automated order processing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation.

Business Intelligence

We collate information through the various platforms that we work on and create actionable insights that help us make real time decisions

Our Partner Brands

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